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COLLAR - coffee grinder

COLLAR - coffee grinder

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The Italian designer duo, Daniel Debiasi and Federico Sandri, created the Collar collection for coffee lovers around the world. The Collar coffee grinder is inspired by the espresso maker from the same collection, which combines Italian craftsmanship with Scandinavian design aesthetics. A good cup of coffee starts with the coffee beans. The Collar coffee grinder allows you to hand paint the coffee beans, an important part of the process of making the perfect espresso. The grinder can be adjusted for different grinding levels, from fine espresso powder to medium-fine filter coffee for slow brew to coarse coffee for the French press. If you have ground more coffee beans than you currently need, you can store them in the corresponding container with a lid. Collar was created by coffee lovers for coffee lovers.


Daniel Debiasi & Federico Sandri

Mass weight

L 16.0 / H 12.0 / W 9.0


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2-3 business days

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