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KNUCK - cutting block

KNUCK - cutting block

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The hammer.
The Spessart board "Knuck" is our cutting block made of oak end grain.
Made in Germany, in the Spessart.

Just beautiful. Simply robust.
How often do you use a cutting board? That's right, you always need it so often that it's best not to put it away at all. Not only is it a pretty accessory on your countertop, it also protects it from damage and mess.
A really good tool, the beautiful, robust cutting block "Knuck".
6.7 kg. Heavy. Large. Good.
With recessed grips milled into the sides for turning, carrying, washing up and turning.
Material: oak end grain. The direction of growth of the wood is "upright". This makes the “Knuck” extremely cut-resistant and gentle on knives. When selecting wood, we consciously use knotty oak. This is not a quality defect, but rather highlights the lively beauty of the oak even more.
Since we put functionality and quality at the forefront of our products, we think about it for a long time and test the boards in our own use. We had to decide whether to install nice stainless steel feet (and thus take away the ability to turn the board) or find another option. We found this: Four sturdy rubber rings with a thickness of 5 mm now make this possible Use on both sides , offer very good ventilation and support, and have the positive side effect that they compensate for unevenness on the worktop


approx. 6.7 kg


Oak, solid

Measures in cm

H 4.5cm / L 50.0cm / W 45.0cm


Finely sanded and pre-treated twice with linseed oil

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