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"KARLSHÖHE" - walnut

"KARLSHÖHE" - walnut

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A big deal for everything.
We use our Spessart board “Karlshöhe” as a serving board. It is perfect for serving cheese, sausage, olives, fruit, appetizers, tapas, etc.
Who does not know that? After a little drink, you would like to have a snack together, ideally putting everything in the middle of the table and you can get started. The whole thing can now be draped in an attractive and pretty way. With the beautiful “Karlshöhe”. Or simply during a cozy evening on the couch with your loved one and the appetizers on the board. Bon appetit.


approx. 1.5 kg


Walnut , solid

Measures in cm

H 1.9cm / L 80.0cm / W 18.0cm


Finely sanded and pre-treated twice with linseed oil

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