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Roots Natural

ROOTS NATURAL - Turmeric powder

ROOTS NATURAL - Turmeric powder

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This turmeric powder comes directly from the Nawalpur province of Nepal. The plants grow there naturally and are surrounded by a national park. From January to March, the leaves of the turmeric plant turn yellow, which is a sign of the impending harvest of the underground turmeric rootstocks (rhizomes). These are then carefully chopped up and dried in the sun.

We were there personally and can therefore guarantee that the harvest and processing are carried out professionally. In addition, the work is paid fairly. Last but not least, we process the carefully dried turmeric slices fresh before bottling. Only in this way can this unique aroma be created through the dedication of everyone involved - from the root to the glass.

This turmeric powder impresses with its fresh, slightly earthy and floral aromas. In addition to its naturalness and organic quality, the turmeric powder also offers numerous positive health-promoting properties. Do you want to buy the turmeric powder? Here are some tips on how to use it and more information can be found behind the QR code on the bottle label.


Navalpur, Nepal


Roots Natural



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