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MIRAGE ROCK&POP - Tumbler (set of 4)

MIRAGE ROCK&POP - Tumbler (set of 4)

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This set of four highball glasses adds a playful touch to any table setting. Cut from pure lead-free crystal, the glasses have a distinctive conical shape - unique to the NUDE Mirage collection - and are decorated with a series of eye-catching motifs designed by graphic designer and illustrator Umut Karaman as part of the NUDE Rock & Pop Artist collection.


Nude Design Team


Lead-free crystal

Measures in cm

Capacity 480cc
Height 15.4 cm
Diameter 7.3 cm

Care instructions

The product is dishwasher safe, but we recommend the following:

- Choose the most suitable washing program to achieve the best hygiene and appearance.

- We recommend rinsing the glasses with water that has a hardness between 4° and 6°dH.

- The ideal washing temperature for glassware is between 50°C and 65°C.

- Open the dishwasher after the wash cycle is finished to allow excess steam to escape.

- Open the dishwasher after you have finished rinsing to allow excess steam to escape. Delivery time:

2-3 business days

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