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MASAHIRO - Bread knife, 24cm

MASAHIRO - Bread knife, 24cm

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The bread knife is not only suitable for bread but also for crusty roasts or hard-shelled foods.

MASAHIRO MBS 26 -Masahiro is a knife maker in Seki, Japan and has specialized in very sharp chef's knives for professional chefs and ambitious hobby chefs. Extremely sharp, for every type of preparation in fine dining.

The blade has a hardness of 58-60 HRC, which means that the cutting edge has a very long service life with very good sharpness

The handle is made of antibacterial, water- and heat-resistant POM, making the handle food-safe according to HACCP.
The blade is sharpened more for right-handers to emphasize cutting with the right hand. left handed
They also get along very well with the Masahiro MBS 26 because both sides are ground (80/20). The knife sits comfortably and securely in the hand.

Re-sharpening is easy with a sharpening stone - we recommend one from the extensive KASUMI sharpening stone collection, e.g. the K-12 or the K-11.
Never let your knife become completely dull - sharpen it if, for example, the knife does not pass the tomato test.


Blade shape: Smooth edge, Blade cut: Wedge cut (V-cut), Knife type: Bread knife

Handle: plastic

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