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LE CREUSET - Round cast iron roaster

LE CREUSET - Round cast iron roaster

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For nearly a century, chefs around the world have loved Le Creuset's classic cast iron roasting pan. It is perfect for casseroles, roasts, soups, casseroles and baking. This unique piece is your all-rounder for unforgettable meals with intense, delicious flavor.

  • Our heat-resistant lid knob (up to 260°C) is designed for a better grip, even when the lid is lifted with oven gloves.

  • Quick cleaning: The lightly enamelled interior makes cleaning easier.

  • Thanks to our large handles, you can easily move products from the hob to the oven to the table, even with oven gloves.

  • A real all-round talent: suitable for ovens, stoves, induction or ovens with grill functions.

  • The cast iron retains heat very well, perfect for even cooking and frying. Your delicious creations will also stay warm on the table for longer.

  • Locks in Moisture: Our tight-fitting lid helps retain moisture in the dish and improve flavor for perfectly cooked food.

  • Easy to use: The elegant and practical handles allow for safe lifting.

  • Colorful color palette: Our range is available in a variety of colors and brings vibrant nuances to your kitchen.

  • Not too hot: Cook over even, low to medium heat. This protects your cast iron and ensures optimal results.

  • The choice is yours: available in different sizes to suit the needs of your kitchen.

  • Industry Leading: Our products are made from the highest quality materials in factories around the world - so we can ensure the quality you expect from Le Creuset.


Enamelled cast iron

Mass weight

15.2L / 23.3W / 15.2H CM

Capacity 3.3l


Delivery time

2 - 3 working days

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