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LE CREUSET - Cast iron frying pan

LE CREUSET - Cast iron frying pan

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This frying pan is an excellent choice for everyday use, such as searing and browning. Our unique cast iron distributes heat evenly and closes food pores quickly. The result? Juiciness, nutrients and taste are retained, ensuring delicious results. Its ergonomic counter-grip makes it easy to grip. The wooden handle has also been designed to be more comfortable and stays cool while cooking. The pan can also be hung using the practical hanging loop.

  • The cast iron retains heat very well, perfect for even cooking and frying. Your delicious creations will also stay warm on the table for longer.

  • Easy to use: The elegant and practical handles allow for safe lifting.

  • A helping hand: Thanks to the counter handle, it is easy to lift and move between the stove, oven and table.

  • Colorful color palette: Our range is available in a variety of colors and brings vibrant nuances to your kitchen.

  • Not too hot: Cook over even, low to medium heat. This protects your cast iron and ensures optimal results.

  • The choice is yours: available in different sizes to suit the needs of your kitchen.

  • Ages gracefully: The enamel interior develops a natural patina over time that behaves similarly to a non-stick surface. The surface also has excellent properties for releasing food. Clean the product with water only to allow a patina to build up.

  • Industry Leading: Our products are made from the highest quality materials in factories around the world - so we can ensure the quality you expect from Le Creuset.

  • Modern Design: The wooden handle looks stylish and stays cool.


Enamelled cast iron

Mass weight

L 56.3 W 28.9 H 3.4 CM

Capacity 2.6l


Delivery time

2 - 3 working days

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