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LE CREUSET - Rectangular baking dish

LE CREUSET - Rectangular baking dish

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This stoneware casserole dish from the Traditions series belongs in every kitchen. The rectangular shape makes it versatile for a wide variety of dishes and perfect for roasting, baking, marinating and serving. It's easy to lift thanks to the easy-grip, grooved handles. The high rim allows you to prepare generous portions and is ideal for layered dishes.

  • Always in good condition: our glazed stoneware is scratch-resistant and easy to clean.

  • Craftsmanship perfection: Our stoneware is made from special clay, maintains an even temperature when cooking and is exceptionally robust.

  • A colorful palette: Our range is available in a variety of colors and brings vibrant nuances to your kitchen.

  • You have the choice between different sizes. There is something for every requirement.

  • Use hot or cold: Our stoneware is temperature resistant from -23°C to +260°C.

  • Industry Leading: Our products are made from the highest quality materials in factories around the world - so we can ensure the quality you expect from Le Creuset.



Mass weight

L 39 W 25.4 H 9.1 CM

Capacity 4l


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2 - 3 working days

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