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"FOO'D" cutlery set

"FOO'D" cutlery set

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A modern, straightforward and refined cutlery set that includes some unusual and surprising types, such as the cupless coffee spoon, designed to delicately stir the sugar without breaking the cream on the surface of the coffee; or the Passepartout cutlery designed by Davide Oldani for KnIndustrie based on his idea of ​​simplifying the table setting, allowing cutting, scooping, threading with a single utensil.


Each cutlery set includes 2x tablespoons, 2x dinner forks, 2x table knives, 2x dessert spoons, 2x dessert forks, 2x dessert knives, 2x coffee spoons and 2x espresso spoons


Davide Oldani


Stainless steel with "stone washed" finish

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