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"'801" cutlery set

"'801" cutlery set

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A simple mise en place can be enhanced by using cutlery with a strong personality. The handles in particular form the basis on which you can work with creativity, different techniques and endless nuances.
KnIndustrie has drawn on its historical archive to propose a new version of the Ottocento cutlery set, inspired by a collection rediscovered in the past, then reinterpreted in a modern guise. The company, which previously offered polished, stone-washed, champagne-colored and ice-colored cutlery with a sandblasted effect, wanted to give the service greater material expression. This is how '801 was born, a cutlery range made using the innovative co-moulding technique, in which plastic is cast directly onto metal. The result is a cutlery made of satin steel with an opaque thermoplastic polymer handle in black and white colors.


Each cutlery set includes 2x dinner forks, 2x tablespoons, 2x table knives and 2x coffee spoons




satin steel, thermoplastic polymer

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