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Premium sharpness package

Premium sharpness package

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The fine corundum grinding discs with #3000 and #6000 grit are intended to further refine the grind of the diamond side of the roller grinder. Simply screwed onto the roller grinder, you can use fine stone grains to bring your high-quality kitchen knives to maximum sharpness in no time. The stones can be used without water. After completing the sharpening process, the knife is peeled over the HORL ® leather for the final sharpness.

Suitable for HORL ® roller sanders 1st gen, HORL ® 2 and HORL ® 2 PRO.

This item is not compatible with the HORL ® 2 CRUISE




2x grinding stones in different grain sizes / 1x cowhide

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2-3 business days

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