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GEFU CONSCIO - Coffee capsule set (8 pieces)

GEFU CONSCIO - Coffee capsule set (8 pieces)

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Sustainable and money-saving at the same time - here's how it works: Place the funnel on the empty capsule, pour in the espresso powder using a measuring spoon and compact it with a tamper, close the capsule with a self-adhesive aroma sticker - done. After use, simply remove the foil, clean the capsule and it can be used again immediately.

  • Suitable for common, original NESPRESSO® capsule machines
  • Can be filled individually
  • Dishwasher safe (except for aroma stickers)
  • high quality stainless steel / plastic / aluminum
  • dishwasher safe


Funnel, 2x stainless steel capsules, coffee measure with tamper, 80 aroma stickers, 2x replacement sealing rings, cleaning brush

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