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Frying pan, Ø28cm

Frying pan, Ø28cm

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28cm diameter frying pans are by far our best-selling size - and for good reason: they easily fit on most stoves and are still spacious enough to cook for the whole family. And last but not least, they are ideal for delicious, large pancakes.

The frying pan is made of cast aluminum. Aluminum is a good heat conductor and ensures even heat distribution. In addition, aluminum is a lightweight material, which makes handling the pan in everyday life child's play. The pan has a four-layer Slip-Let® non-stick coating on the inside and a two-layer Slip-Let® non-stick coating on the outside. In this way, less fat is required when frying, while at the same time the pan is easy to clean - inside and out. The high-quality material ensures great wear resistance and durability, and the oak handles give the product a beautiful, Nordic look.

The Slip-Let® nonstick coating on frying pans offers several benefits. On the one hand, it prevents food from burning and allows you to cook with less fat than with pans without Slip-Let®. And if that wasn't enough, Slip-Let® frying pans are also much easier to clean after use because there are no burnt food residues left on the pan.

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